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How Did It All Begin?

The year was 2017. Two buddies, both passionate about programming and electronics, decided to create something that hadn't been thought of before - a building automation system that would break existing standards and redefine the industry. Sounds ambitious, doesn't it?

We had a garage. We had two engineers. We had a revolutionary vision to realize - what could possibly go wrong? After all, two gentlemen from Los Altos, California, proved 40 years ago that this was a recipe for success. Turns out, it's not as simple as it seems. Who'd have thought? :|

The system's development, originally planned for 3-4 months (after which we would be showered with fame and a sea of money), was dragging on. And it dragged on hard. The system grew, with more and more revolutionary features and solutions coming to the fore, yet the vision of completing the project grew increasingly distant. As a result, months turned into years, and our "miracle child" still hadn't made its debut in the world. Eventually, the project ended up at the bottom of a drawer, labeled "The world isn't ready for this yet!"

What was our downfall in this project? The desire to present our "life's work" to the world - complete and absolute. A work with a vast number of features and capabilities, the existence of which was dictated solely by our "it seems to me" - without any certainty that the end user would appreciate a particular feature that took months of work. Long hours, months, years spent working without justification - where could that lead? Of course - to burnout, eventual loathing, and ultimately abandonment of the project.

Patryk Szulczewski - CEO Proto PCB

Patryk Szulczewski

co-founder & CEO

Luckily, we realized in parallel that we could utilize what we do daily (and even make money from it - shocker!), i.e., design and create electronics and devices on demand. Here we come to another mandatory point for a startup - we made a Pivot - now we can consider ourselves a full-fledged tech company ;)

Do we know how to implement tech projects today to ensure business success? No! But we definitely know how not to implement them, and that's a good starting point. Our story shows that:

  • Evolution is preferable to revolution,

  • Rome wasn't built in a day - patience and humility towards the market are essential,

  • It's the customer and the market that show us what our product should be,

  • It's worth acting systematically, based on MVP Development.


And it was precisely the lack of an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) - a product with only key functionalities and addressing only basic user problems - that sunk our "life's work."

Had we started by launching an MVP, we would have had:

  • Market feedback on whether our idea is as brilliant as we think it is,

  • Invaluable information from users on which system features to develop,

  • A source of project financing,

  • Information on whether we are not wasting our lives trying to solve non-existent problems.

Ironically, today we provide our clients with what we lacked a few years ago - we create MVPs for them and develop them into final forms, guided by market feedback. Thanks to the mistakes we made and the know-how we've gathered over the years, we make it easier for our clients to transform their ideas into real products and devices.

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