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Prototyping and manufacturing of utility equipment

Do you have a brilliant idea that could revolutionize the world? Are you looking for a company that will design and create:

  • the electronic control system of your device,

  • Mobile application,

  • Software (electronics, PLC, Linux) according to your specifications,

  • MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of your revolutionary device to change the world, but you have no idea how to go about it....

  • 3D model and photorealistic visualizations and animations of your concept,

  • PCBs,

  • a unique detail, for example, for a motorcycle that you build after hours in the privacy of your garage,

  • a no longer manufactured part for a machine on your company's production line,

  • etc...?


Then you are in the right place!

See, how we can help you!
3D Design

3D design is where it all begins. 3D modeling significantly accelerates the project work on any device, without incurring huge prototyping costs. It also allows for in-depth functional and durability analyses, enabling us to detect potential design flaws. Moreover, it facilitates the creation of photorealistic visualizations and animations of the project. With our expertise in this field, we can transform your ideas into reality, ensuring both efficiency and cost-effectiveness in your design process.

Electronics Design

Electronics design is a constant quest for balance: finding the most optimal solutions, considering component availability and staying aligned with project guidelines.

At the same time, we strive to ensure that the devices are safe, durable and comply with required standards such as CE, UL 94, and directives like EMC, RED, LVD, RoHS, IEC 60601-1, etc.

Sounds like fun, doesn't it? Well, it is!

Mobile Apps

In the era of IoT, mobile applications as interfaces for electronic devices are becoming standard. And that's great! This opens up a lot of new possibilities, so we gladly take advantage of this and create Android and IOS applications dedicated to the devices we implement.

Research and Development

R&D is the lifeblood of innovation, whether it's prototyping or evolving existing designs. Leveraging our know-how and operating based on an MVP Development approach, we can handle the entire process of implementing a new, innovative product - from your idea, through evaluation and design, to the final device - ready for market introduction.

CNC Machining

In the field of emerging technologies, having a well-equipped toolroom is essential.

We specialize in CAD/CAM design and CNC machining in plastics and aluminum.

This in-house manufacturing of most device components significantly accelerates development work and lowers overall project costs.

Our expertise in this area positions us as leaders, ensuring efficient and cost-effective solutions for your technological needs.

Technical Advice

Crafting things that have never before been created involves a constant engagement with challenges and the pursuit of creative solutions. Each year of our operation, every project, every problem, enriches us with new experiences and expands our knowledge base. We take pride in sharing this distinct and unique expertise with our clients, positioning us as leaders in our field.

Series Production

Prototype accomplished. What's next?

Leveraging our technological infrastructure and business partners, we can undertake mass production, packaging, and even distribution of your device.

Maintaining Confidentiality

Do you have an idea for a groundbreaking new device? Are you looking to create a prototype to verify its business potential? However, are you apprehensive that the company you entrust with your idea will exploit it and reap millions? We understand these concerns!

That's why, to ensure our clients' peace of mind, we offer the option to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, commonly known as an NDA. We are committed to safeguarding your ideas and innovations, positioning ourselves as a trusted partner in your journey towards success.

See, how we can help you!
3D Design
Electronics Design
CNC Machining
Research and Development
Series Production
Mobile Apps
Technical Advice
Maintaining Confidentiality

Free consultation

Ideas are a commodity. Execution of them is not.

Michael Dell

so... let's do this together!

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Listen up! This isn't all we've got!

Are you a "tech whiz", a hobbyist of mechanics or electronics, or a programmer?

If you are, know that we are too, and that's our heritage!

That's why we've launched an online store where you'll find (often our own creative) products and solutions useful for crafting or expanding electronic or mechanical projects.

Check it out - click the button below - you just might find something that piques your interest ;)

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